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These similar ideas of ambition are presented in very different ways, one through the medium of drama while the other through film. Despite the differences, the texts establish, through literary and film techniques that ambition, without a moral framework will lead to destruction and downfall.

Shakespeare portrays the destructive consequences of ambition, through the character transformation of his eponymous protagonist Macbeth. However, through the interactions with the abhorrent witches, it is revealed that the physical courage he holds is joined by a consuming ambition for power. She is ruthless, stronger and more ambitious than her husband.

The Roman Gladiator

When Macbeth hesitates to murder, she repeatedly questions his manhood and calls him a coward; manipulating him into committing regicide. Out I say! Restoration to the chain of being is returned by Macduff who kills Macbeth Shakespeare ends the play with Macduff killing Macbeth, restoring order to the country and chain of being, appeasing his audience. His ambitious usurper to the throne reflects the regicide of King Duncan by Macbeth.

This is established through the motif of him rubbing dirt into his hands, metaphorically emphasising that he is grounded and passionate towards his home land.

Gladiator: How Ideal Manhood Handles the Brutality of Life: Cain, Abel and Joseph of Egypt

His self-proclaimed invincibility and ambition exacerbates his hubris. As the dramatic , non-diegetic music crescendos, Commodus rises embracing light however in contrast Maximus has his head hung portraying his humility. The white robes Commodus arrogantly wears become covered in blood portraying his insincere purity and corrupted ambition.

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Maximus, mirroring Macduff, restores order to Rome by killing Commodus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Gladiator: nice patricide but where are all the pinecones?

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