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China's women's movement has not only survived an intense crackdown, it's grown | Leta Hong Fincher

They consistently lied about details of their crimes to make themselves seem less violent. All men do this. They were, in short, remarkably concerned with what other people thought of them. It seemed clear to Scully that these considerations played a crucial role in their decisions — decisions she considered both conscious and rational — to force women into sex.

More significant still, the overwhelming majority of the men assumed that they would never be punished. These seem like preconditions for any crime that has a victim; and indeed, the measured character traits of convicted rapists are identical to those of muggers and burglars. But a man who is capable of rape generally commits the crime only if he believes it will be excused by his peers, and that punishment can be evaded.

There seem to be a remarkable number of men who meet these criteria; most of the college-age rapists studied were not only unafraid of punishment, but blissfully unaware that what they did was criminal. If there really is such a thing as rape culture, it follows that we should see large variations in rates of sexual violence from country to country, depending on the degree to which it is condoned or punished. To cut to the chase, we do.

We might remember that 6 to Sexual assault by soldiers in wartime also differs dramatically from army to army, and offers an interesting test case, because the disciplinary environment in which it occurs runs the gamut from deliberate encouragement of sexual violence to harsh and summary punishment of sexual violence. Apparently, even in the midst of war, men are capable of refraining from sexual assault if they know there will be consequences. The resulting picture is very clear.

At one extreme, we have the Rape of Nanjing ahead of the Second World War, where Japanese commanders actively incited soldiers to assault civilians, and 20, women were raped within the first month of the occupation. Meanwhile, incidents of sexual violence are historically low among Left-wing guerrilla groups; for instance, after the year civil war in El Salvador, a UN Truth Commission report in found no reported cases of rapes being committed by insurgents, although sexual violence by government forces was common in the first years of the war.

This is probably due both to the freedom of such groups to enact extra-legal punishments, and to their existential need to win the hearts and minds of the population. Wartime rape also appears to change rapidly in response to directives from above. For instance, the notoriously high rate of sexual violence by the Red Army at the end of the Second World War decreased dramatically when the Soviet leadership decided it was a political problem, and instituted rules to discourage it.

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Apparently, even in the midst of the violence of war, men are capable of refraining from sexual assault if they know there will be consequences. The commonsensical conclusion is that rape, like other crimes, can most effectively be prevented by deterrence. This seems obvious; which makes it only more surprising that so much energy has been devoted to avoiding preventative thinking.

This bias almost certainly springs from an unwillingness to acknowledge that the suffering of female victims is important enough to merit the punishment of male perpetrators. Even when punishment does enter the discussion, it is usually framed as a means of obtaining justice for individual victims, rather than as a means of preventing future crimes. All the research done to date shows that this is a mistake. Even if the criminal justice system is resistant to change, that is where our efforts must be directed if we want to eradicate rape.

We must not act as if the solution for rape is a profound and unfathomable mystery. According to research for the British Home Office, while on average an estimated 69, rapes including attempts are committed in the UK every year, of these only 16, are reported, and around 1, perpetrators male and female are brought to justice.

In the US, only an estimated 2. Yet we can boost conviction rates without abandoning our commitment to the rights of the accused another common excuse for inaction. We can give police and prosecutors more funding for sexual-assault investigations, which are still woefully likely to be dropped in the early stages. We can monitor their efforts to ensure they follow best practices. We can fund the testing of forensic evidence, which is currently subject to long backlogs, and often simply lost or abandoned.

Most of all, we can make it easier for victims to approach police; of all violent crimes, rape is the least likely to be reported. With robbery, arson or fraud, we all know that punishment serves not only as retribution, but as deterrent.

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We understand that when we decide not to aggressively prosecute possession of marijuana, use of marijuana will increase among otherwise law-abiding people. We know that if we want to reduce identity theft, we must direct police and prosecutors to make that crime a priority, and give them sufficient funds and training to successfully convict the people involved. Sarah Stein Lubrano. Become a Friend of Aeon to save articles and enjoy other exclusive benefits Make a donation. Sandra Newman is an American author, whose most recent book is The Heavens Aeon for Friends Find out more. When trying to understand how men and women verbally and nonverbally communicate it can get very tricky.

Because men and women use the same kind or verbal and nonverbal communication skills, however they use these skill is different ways. What type of verbal and nonverbal communication do men and women use? Is verbal and nonverbal communication different among genders; what are common miscommunications between men and women? What are the causes? Provide specific examples of dialogue among genders;…. Gender and Communications Communication is an ongoing, transactional process in which individuals exchange messages whose meanings are influenced by the history of the relationship and the experiences of the participants.

Adler, p. Problems in communications between people may arise due to differences in cultures, perceptions, values, and expectations from life.

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Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain

Show More. Basically a woman loves to show attention to the speaker and loves getting the same attention when she is the speaker. I mean seriously my stories of school are not remotely interesting and she is just so into the conversation like a little kid watching a magic show for the first time.

Basically, a good conversation with a girl will help a long way because for them, friendships are based on conversation. Read More.

Communication between Men and Women Essay - Words | Cram

Words: - Pages: Communication Differences between Men and Women in the Workplace Introduction Men and women will never be the same when it comes to both emotional and physical aspects. Effective Communications between Men and Women Essay Effective Communications between Men and Women Many men and women find it quite difficult to understand exactly what their mates want.

Of course, ever since then we've had women in key roles--not in the majority, but in the very key roles which were responsible for the evolution of the NAACP. I think in terms of people like Daisy Lampkin, who was a member of our national board from Pittsburgh; she traveled around the country garnering memberships and helping to organize branches.

That was back in the '30s and '40s before it became fashionable or popular for women to travel. You have women who subsequently held positions in the NAACP nationally as program directors and as leaders of various divisions.

Communication between Men and Women Essay

I had my own inner drive. We needed all hands on deck, and so, when we found ourselves in situations, we had to rely on whoever was around. We used to joke about that, but in reality, the women, you know, were strong. In the struggle, the women were strong. Ruby Nell Sales , who later overcame psychological traumas from the racial violence she witnessed in the movement, encourages us to look beyond the simplistic story of Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery. But she also did that — it was a rebellion of maids, a rebellion of working class women, who were tired of boarding the buses in Montgomery, the public space, and being assaulted and called out-of-there names and abused by white bus drivers.

If it had just been merely a protest about riding the bus, it might have shattered.