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These graders give each essay a score of in four different areas. The graders give a score in four categories:. Both tests force students to engage with real-world problems, often far from their own perspective. Few students have personal experience with the Elgin marbles, and even fewer of them have a opinion about whether or not they should be returned to Greece.

In both tests, all of the information that they need is in the prompts themselves, but they have to read critically and carefully before they begin writing. That all seems great! But there are very good reasons that schools make that decision. The first reason is academic: admissions and educational experts question the value of standardized writing in admissions. That research related to the older SAT essay, but Penn did not revive the requirement when the College Board rolled the new test out. More importantly, states and schools that subsidize registration fees for low-income students do not always offer the essay in their fee waivers.

A s colleges seek high-achieving students from all ends of the economic spectrum, the essay could be a barrier for some students. In her statement, Harvard spokesperson Rachel Dean cited this economic aspect as the reason Harvard made its change. Schools like Dartmouth say that they will accept essay-less applications from students with a financial hardship , but that brings the value of the essay into question.

Outside the Ivies, a fair number of top-level schools do require the essay, including Duke and Stanford. If your student is trying to build an essay-free college list, they will be missing out on some really fantastic schools. Yes, the essay can be an uncomfortable stretch at the end of a very long test day, but the opportunity to go to Duke is certainly worth it.

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I always recommend my students get at least one good essay score under their belt during their testing season. Many schools will combine a writing score from one sitting with section scores from another. Applerouth is a trusted test prep and tutoring resource.

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Jed Applerouth is a teacher and an educational innovator. A Nationally Certified Counselor with a PhD in Educational Psychology, Jed has researched student cognition, memory, motivation, and learning strategies to enhance the pedagogical strategies of Applerouth Tutoring Services. Toggle navigation. What is a good ACT score? Harvard drops the SAT essay requirement, what does this mean for your students? A Deeper Look Although both types of essays attempt to measure critical reading and writing skills, they do it in two very different ways. Analysis: does the writer identify several we recommend three rhetorical techniques at play in the passage?

Some people have tried to work around that fundamental rule, but failed. Bogart brings up the point that a lack of sleep can cause some sevear medical problems, such as: depression, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Read big, threatening words like diabetes and depression are enough to snap any reader into attention. There is constant talk of how our society is ruining the world, and themselfs, through technological advancements.

Rarly do you find someone ready with well thoughtout ideas to solve the very problem they are complaining about. Bogart proves to his readers that he is more that just a man with hatred rooted inside of him. Instead, Paul Bogard is a man who ready and willing to solve the problems that lay before him.

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Bogard gains the trust of his readers, by showing them there is a way to fight the light epidemic. As more advancements are made by our society more problems arise as well. For the most part, technological advancements have made day to day life easier Though, our day to day lifes have also been filled with countless arguments of how we are ruining our planet. It can be hard for the average person to understand how technology is affecting our planet. Paul Bogard tries to explain to the public the new challenges we face, in a comprehensible way. Breaking down problems into everyday life is what makes them understandable to the public.

Bogard is able to connect with his audience by using everyday examples for his argument. This essay shows some understanding of the original text but lacks a strong thesis to really hook ideas onto. Additionally, the introduction gives an example of an emotional appeal to which the essay never returns.

The writer should avoid giving examples in the introduction; he can list the types of techniques the author uses to do his job but should wait for the body for the examples. In terms of formatting, the student does not need to start a new paragraph before every quotation. Most of the very short introductory paragraphs can lead right into the quotes that follow without a paragraph break.

Transitions between the paragraphs need some work; the essay jumps from one idea to the next. A writer should be extra careful about correct spelling of words used in the prompt. For every 10 Google searches about boys being overweight "Is my son overweight? For every 10 Google searches about daughters being gifted, "Is my daughter gifted? This recent study of Internet search data suggests that parents may hold different expectations for their children based on gender; it appears that parents may be want their girls thinner and their boys smarter. The data on the search is accurate, but is the explanation?

Do parents hope for different things for their sons and daughters?

How the SAT Essay is Scored - SAT Essay Course #5

Read and carefully consider these perspectives. Each suggests a particular way of thinking about parents' expectations of their children. Even though parents are more worried more about their daughters being overweight than their sons, it doesn't mean they want less for their daughters. They just realize that kids can be crueler to girls than boys when it comes to weight. Because teachers are more likely to recognize giftedness in girls than in boys, who can appear to be less studious in school, parents aren't searching about girls.

Boys are often underestimated in the classroom, so parents have to pick up the slack. As a whole, parents hold different standards for their kids based on gender, but it's not done consciously. Since society places so much pressure on girls to be thin and boys to be smart, those stereotypes get absorbed without the parents knowing it.

Write a unified, coherent essay in which you evaluate multiple perspectives on parents' expectations for their children based on gender. In your essay, be sure to:. Your perspective may be in full agreement with any of the others, in partial agreement, or wholly different. Whatever the case, support your ideas with logical reasoning and detailed, persuasive examples.

You may wish to consider the following as you think critically about the task:.

SAT Essay Tips: 10 Approaches to Improving Your Test Score

Strengths and weaknesses of the three given perspectives. Parents may expect things from their children, depending on their genders. Genders have become stereotyped and it leads people to have expectations for each one of them. Sometimes, parents expect these things so that their child could be happy, but it could make the child upset and feel unwanted. Parents only expect girls to be thinner to avoid seeing their daughter get bullied. Peers can be more harsh to fat girls than they can be to fat boys.

Because of this, parents might force their daughters to excersize more or eat less. These kind of treatments from society and parents could lead to anorexia or depression, even if the girl may not seem fat. People should only pay attention to themselves. Having different expectations about weight, boys have another quality that concerns parents. Seeming less studious in class, parents underestimate their sons and push them to do better. Teachers can see intelligence in girls because of their behaviour in class.

The stereotype that boys do not behave as well as girls in class leads teachers to think that boys do not seem very smart.

The SAT Essay I Wrote When I Got a Perfect SAT Score

Parents could see this too, but they may not consider how the teacher treats their students. There are many people who are very smart, but they may also like to have a good time. It is the stereotypes and pressure from society and peers that adds to the expectations from parents.

Parents can absorb thoughts from others without realizing it. Their standards start to hurt the child because of what peers think. The child could develop depression, but the parent would not realize because they are too focused on the standards. Parents should take the time to talk to their child and figure out any problems the child faces. Stay on message. There is some attempt on the part of the writer to develop his ideas e. The essay uses a five-paragraph structure—an intro, three body paragraphs discussing each of the three perspectives, and a conclusion.

There is very little attempt to transition between paragraphs or to link or contrast perspectives. Each body paragraph seems to stand alone. Avoid wordiness. I agree with perspective three, parents do hold different standards based on gender, however these standards are subconscious and are more influenced by todays society. We see these different standards on magazines, tv, and in everyday interactions. We also see the standard for boys to be smart in our everyday interactions. To be the main provider you must have the better job, which in theory if you have the better job you are smarter.

Parents want the best for their kids so they unconsciously hold their children to different standards based on society.