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The reader may find it disturbing, since not many mothers give away their children to their employers. Mrs Johnston realises what Mrs Lyons is talking about, but is still confused over the whole situation.

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When she talks, ellipses are used to show that she pauses in her dialogue, because she is uncertain about the consequences to what she is about to do,. Mrs Johnston is a superstitious lady, even though she denies it.

The reader can see this in a scene between her and Mrs Lyons,. When Mrs Lyons laid shoes on the table, Mrs Johnston panicked. Mrs Lyons contrasts really strongly against Mrs Johnston. At first, Mrs Lyons is shown as a bright person in her thirties, unlike the stressed Mrs Johnston who is the same age. Mrs Lyons is an upper middle-class woman. She is also a very patronising woman, who is forceful and pressurising.

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Mrs Lyons uses negative views about extra children so that Mrs Johnston will have to give away one of the twins to her. With two more how will you avoid some of them being put into care?

Mrs Lyons is willing to take a child away from its mother, so that she can save her own skin. Mrs Lyons is a very sly and devious woman, as she uses superstition against Mrs Johnston, so that she can keep one of the twins, after Mrs Johnston tries to take him back,.

Mrs Lyons: They say… they say that if either twin learns he was one of a pair they shall both die immediately! They shall be raised apart, and never, never ever told what was once the truth.

Mrs Lyons is being dramatic, but she knows that Mrs Johnston is convinced, because she saw how Mrs Johnston overreacted when she put shoes on the table. Mrs Lyons is very manipulative, but she conceals it very well. This superstition ends up backfiring on Mrs Lyons because Mrs Johnston soon forgets about it, but it continues to haunt Mrs Lyons decades later. She becomes paranoid and obsessive, believing that Mrs Johnston is following her to tell Edward the truth. This shows the reader that the superstition affects her instead of Mrs Johnston, the person it was intended for.

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When she is trying to convince Mrs Johnston to give away a twin, all she mentions is the materialistic advantages of her lifestyle,. And have his own room and…. Although she agrees with everything Mrs Johnston says, Mrs Lyons never mentions if she would love the child as if it was hers. The reader could think that Mrs Lyons could give him everything apart from love. The stage directions are in the text because Blood Brothers is a play.

The stage direction gives the reader an idea of what is happening, without giving too much away,. She could have been curious or confused about the situation. The Narrator is also a very good dramatic device.

Portrayal of Two Mothers in Blood Brothers

He acts as a shadow of the other character. The Narrator raises suspicion and builds up tension between the characters. He has no emotion and talks of the Devil,.

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He uses repetition and rhyme, so that his lines are more catchy and memorable. The Narrator is a creepy and disturbing character because he knows the future and talks about the Devil, which makes him God-like and all seeing.

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The Narrator also represents superstition because he is there throughout the play, reminding the reader of the lie Mrs Lyons told. The dialogue of the two families is very diverse. Instead of calling her son Eddie, she calls him Edward,. Childhood is very prominent in the play. Eddie seems to have grown up very fast because at the age of seven, he is already very polite and well spoken.

His parents have influenced him because he is like a miniature adult.

The reader can see that Mrs Lyons was very overprotective when she brought Eddie up, because he is already familiar with things like dictionaries at such a young age,. In contrast, Mickey is more wild and untamed. He plays childhood games, like mounted Police and Indians, and runs around with a toy gun.

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Mrs Johnston probably let him do whatever he wanted, because she had his other siblings to look after as well. This is something that Eddie never did,. A gun is mentioned throughout the play. At first, a harmless air gun is used a toy. This symbolises the fate of the twins. At the end of the play, when Mickey feels that Eddie has taken everything away from him, he produces an authentic looking gun. Johnstone's song: as if she is about to give something away and he is very angry. He is manipulating her as he does not let her pay him back the next week when she starts her job; but cuts off her service, showing his omnipotence.

Further on in the play, he is manipulating fate by planting ideas of separating the twins in Mrs. Lyons' he Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 5. Next Page.

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